Who We Are

SPBC is a multi-ethnic people called by God to follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.


SPBC exists for the purpose of providing believers in Jesus with a place and opportunities where they can:

  • WORSHIP the God of the Bible,

  • GROW in knowledge of the Bible,

  • NURTURE in thought and behavior toward Christian maturity,

  • SERVE with their giftedness,

  • WITNESS of their faith in Christ.


SPBC began as a house church December 6, 1987 and operated as an Inter-Denominational church as Stony Plain Christian Fellowship.

The church voted to affiliate with the North American Baptist Conference on June 23, 1991 and on March 24, 1992, was welcomed into membership at the annual meeting of the Alberta Baptist Association (held that year at Grace Baptist Church in Calgary). The church was incorporated as a Baptist Church under the Religious Society Act with the Federal Government of Canada on April 7, 1993.

On August 12, 1996, the church changed its name and became registered, as Stony Plain Baptist Church.

The church has found a temporary home at the Stony Plain United Church as of January, 2017.

Our Affiliation

SPBC is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference. The NABC was started by the Southern Baptists for the German immigrants. The first church was organized by Rev. Konrad Fleischmann in Philadelphia in 1843. In 1865, delegates of the churches met in Wilmot, ON and organized the NABC.

The North American Baptist Conference consists of 13 regions of over 400 churches with more than 74,000 worshippers in the United States and Canada. North American Baptists are a diverse group of believers representing many cultures and languages. NABC engages five continents (Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America) through mission endeavors.

The NABC is associated with, The World Baptist Alliance (BWA), which began in London in 1905. Today the BWA unites 196 Baptist Conventions in over 200 countries representing about 100 million Baptists worldwide. It is the second largest Christian community to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Alberta region is known as the Alberta Baptist Association and is a family of 53 churches.

Membership At SPBC

We welcome all Christian believers into church membership who give a public profession of faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour, who have been baptized in water, who covenant together to abide by the church’s constitution and by-laws.

Church members commit themselves to a church covenant:

  • To support, faithfully, each other by regularly studying the Bible, praying and worshipping together.

  • To give generously of time, talent and treasure.

  • To participate in the decisions of the church at its meetings.

  • To exercise concern for the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbours, especially those of the church.

SPBC Global Mission Focus

SPBC regularly participates in Christian mission in the flowing ways:

  • Operation Basketball Amigo to Juarez, Mexico.

  • Operation Pag-Ibig is a Love mission to the Philippines.